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Arcadia Valley Civil War people Pilot Knob soaps unscented


 Originally published Sept. 24, 2014

Iron Co. CourthouseEveryone it seems around our little town is preparing for the influx of the 150th Battle of Pilot Knob this weekend.  People from across the country are descending to participate in this re-enactment of the battle.  Soldiers (I have heard) are going to be marching from Fredricktown 20 miles to Ironton on Saturday, where fighting took place at Ironton County’s historic courthouse on Main Street.  One...

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Peaceful Valley Olive Oil Soap

Arcadia Valley donations olive oil people soaps unscented


Originally published on July 15th, 2014

One hundred and twenty years ago today, this photograph was taken at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pilot Knob, Missouri which is part of the region known as the Arcadia Valley.  It’s a simple, humble church built around 1861 that has seen the people and the Arcadia Valley change over it’s long span of service.  It’s the church that my family is affiliated with and it’s classic design and simple elegance has brought me, personally, inspiration and calm.

Right now in our Valley, people are preparing for the 150th anniversary...

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Eco-friendly teamwork

Arcadia Valley eco-friendly people Spring

Handcrafted soap that ships in paper shreds, pretty flowers from composting paper shreds and handmade paper from using shredded paper.

First published April 29th, 2014

The first soap business I started almost 15 years ago was Botanical Earth.  It is everything I love – essential oils, organics and raw ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or preservatives.  It’s completely minimalist to the best of my ability.  One of the challenges of running it, or any business for that matter, is to find ways...

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Dorothy Reese Handmade Soap

Arcadia Valley donations Dorothy Reese Lavender people teachers


A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that I had made the new Dorothy Reese Soap and here it is!

Last month, I was asked by the Mina Sauk GFWC if I wanted to participate in their goody bag for their conference and was excited to do so. Plus, Lorelei Lee told me she would bake some apple muffins if I donated so there was no question – I wanted apple muffins!!   I have to say the response has been AMAZING to this soap!  I want to thank everyone for...

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A day of firsts

Arcadia Valley donations Lavender Soapmaking Spring

It’s the first day of spring.

Anyone that follows me on facebook knows I have been looking forward to planting again and the passing of cold.  Secretly, I will miss the snow glittering pass the street lights in the evenings as the town looks so peaceful.  It was just the cold feeling that bothered me.  Having lived in Florida and the deserts of Arabia growing up, I’m some what of a sun loving, heat person.  I use to make fun of the tourists that would come to Florida in November or January complaining...

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